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Corals: tireless passion

Coral is a passion that has created a culture of expertise for professional artisans Giusi Damiano and Alfonso Graffeo. They see jewelry as artistic creations from which they fashion an inexhaustible study of examples inspired by the ancient traditions of Trapani. Each creation has its own artistic and expressive history which makes it a little wearable piece of sculpture. The result is a captivating production of the wisdom of ancient craftsmanship and the creative imagination.
Mr. Graffeo and Ms.Damiano, with their jewelry and sculptures, have represented Trapani in diverse national and international exhibitions, achieving enormous acclaim for the industry, displaying their works at exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, Rome and Barbados.

From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, Trapani coral artisans became architects of a significant and very valuable production which ended up in private collections and museums around the world. They saw the products of their most flourishing period become history and the consolidation of a legacy.
In 1986 a memorable exhibition in Trapani, brought to the fore the dormant genius of creativity in coral art in Giusi Damian and Alfonso Graffeo, who launched a renaissance of ancient techniques, adding new artistic sensibility, inventing new forms and original sculptures. The two young but established Trapani coralists are contemporary leaders of this renaissance, dedicated to attracting visitors, with their tireless passion in their modern “boutique-cum-workshop” where the visitors can sit and witness firsthand, typical coral processing by these master artisans.


Alfonso Graffeo craftsman with the passion to capture the intrinsic sculptural beauty of corals .......


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Trapani, city of corals

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries a notable production of works created by expert masters flourished in Trapani .......


The soul must be the reflected mirror of the created object: unique and unrepeatable